EMC backup Systems

To protect your data from loss, damage or deletion we use backup systems. In other words, these systems allow the creation of copies of data and store them so that they can be automatically renewed if necessary.TeleGroup offers users next-generation “backup” and “recovery” solutions that include constant monitoring of the latest trends related to the increase in the volume of information and technological changes in the field of virtualization. These solutions include the transfer of the technology that is based on the use of disks and network infrastructure (disk-based and network-based).

EMC, a partner of TeleGroup, is a leading manufacturer of backup and recovery solutions that utilize disk and deduplication technology. Please find bellow the portfolio of their Backup systems.


EMC Data Domain systems perform deduplication of data during the backup process so that the data that is stored on the disks has a reduced need for storage space.These systems offer the best protection of data integrity using multi level verification and encryption, as well as error detection and self-healing functionality and are easy to integrate with user’s existing systems.

EMC Data Domain systems use a variety of software tools to extend the functionality of the backup system and the can be used for simple data archiving through system expansion and consolidation of both types of data (backup and archive) on the same system, thus reducing the cost of the complete solution.


EMC Avamar deduplication system is done on the client side so that the amount of data decreases significantly before it is sent to the LAN or WAN. Avamar identifies duplicate data segments and sends only unique data across the network to the backup system. In this way it significantly improves the utilization of storage capacity and bandwidth.


EMC NetWorker Backup Software perform backup and recovery processes with a possibility of unification of the various management and backup technology – disks, replication, tape’s, through a unique management interface, all in order to reduce complexity and costs. It has the ability to integrate all of aforementioned EMC backup systems, thus providing significant optimization in the process of backup and recovery..

Advantages for the users

  • Centralized control of the entire backup infrastructure across Networker console including deduplication, backup to disk, these snapshots, replication and tape
  • To protect all types of data – from critical business applications (Oracle, SAP, Microsoft) to virtual machines (VMware, HyperV)
  • Flexibility and scalability – ideal for both the small and in large data centers
  • Integration of the leading solutions for deduplication in a system in which improves performance and simplifies management