EMC Storage Systems

When we talk about storage systems we mean the preservation of digital information used in daily business operations. There are a number of different technologies to store data such as NAS, DAS, SAN, CAS and others. Storage systems that can combine multiple data storage technology are called Unified Storage Systems. Following is an overview of EMC storage systems, the world leader in this field, with whome TeleGroup successfully cooperates for many years in the local market.


This solution is designed for small and medium enterprises that preserve and store data on their servers. CLARiiON AX4 provides scalability, performance and advanced features such as managing user data. In terms of scalability it can contain up to 60 disk drives (SAS / SATA) with a total capacity of up to 120TB. Depending on the performance requirements the user can opt for a system with one or two processors, or one of two types of ports CLARiiON AX4 system:

  • Gigabitni iSCSI ports
  • 4Gb Fibre Channel ports

EMC CLARiiON AX4 has a user interface which delivers ease of installation, configuration and management – Navisphere Express. Also, this system has a so-called. Snapshot option for local data protection, and EMC PowerPath provides “load balancing” and “path failover” for high data availability.




EMC VNXe Unified Storage System is also intended for small and medium-sized enterprises to consolidate infrastructure and data. This system has great performance, simplicity and efficiency and is easy to deploy, administer and maintain.
VNXe is one of the newer models of storage systems from EMC, which is characterized by a large number of integrated functionalities such as file-level deduplication, data compression, local / remote replication, provisioning etc.. For quick access to information and constant availability are responsible 6Gbs drives, redundant architecture, and the use of different protocols NFS, iSCSI, CIFS.



EMC VNX belongs to a new generation of storage systems designed for medium and large enterprises. In relation to the VNXe series, these systems are characterized by improved performance, but above all a revolutionary new technology that has improved the process of storing and managing information.

Features and technologies that are recognizable for EMC VNX series products are

  • Large selection of protocols: iSCSI, CIFS, NFS, pNFS, Fibre Channel (FC), Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE)
  • A new powerful multi-core processors
  • Fully redundant 6 Gb / s SAS back end
  • Easy administration using EMC Unisphere tools
  • Superior performance is optimized using a Flash-enabled discs
  • Significant savings in terms of capacity using FAST (Fully Automated Storage Tearing) technology
  • SSD, SAS and Near line SAS drives
  • Integrated data compression, deduplication at the file, virtual provisioning

EMC VNX Midrange Storage

VNX Series Hardware


SYMETRIX VMAX family of products represents today the strongest, most reliable and most intelligent storage systems on the world market and are designed to build virtual data centers, as well as those in hybrid cloud environments. There are three series of products VMAX 40K, 20K and 10K, and are based on the so-called. Virtual Martix Architecture. Its technology systems VMAX FAST VP (Fully Automated Storage Tiering for Virtual Pools) automatically boosts performance and reduces costs. This is achieved by placing the active information on the flash drive, and the inactive onto SATA drives. FAST VP allows organizations to use a combination of Flash, Fibre Channel, SAS and SATA drives together in a Tier 1 environment which achieves maximum resource optimization and cost savings.Virtual Matrix Architecture, combined with the “Enginuity” functionality that allows Symmetrix VMAX family of products high scalability while at the same time provides a simple and automated execution of operations is essential to meet the demands of infrastructure both in virtual and in physical development environments. Virtual Matrix provides capacity of up to hundreds of petabytes (1015 terabytes) supporting thousands of servers and millions of IOPS operations, all possible monitored and controlled through a single screen.

Vitrual Matrix arhitektura

EMC Symmetrix VMAX high-end storage

VMAX data centar


The example in the figure below describes the “automated storage tiering” solution for organizations with mission-critical applications in virtualized environments VMware vSphere on EMC Symmetrix VMAX 40K storage platform.

This solution provides:

  • Easy storage management using FAST VP
  • Remote replication and high performance
  • Easy storage provisioning with EMC Unisphere tool VMAX